Residents Along Mississippi River Preparing For Severe Flooding

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ST. CHARLES, MO (KTVI)-- People along the Mississippi are preparing for what could be the worst flood in a dozen years. In Foley, one home still has sandbags in place from the flood earlier this spring. That`s good for that family because if the river climbs as high as predicted, Foley will be in trouble.

The Vertrees family has already packed up belongings and put them in storage. They recently bought a camper for an event like this.  Ruth Vertrees said, "We know it`s coming if it was a tornado they come and blame. You don`t know it`s going to happen. We can get everything ready we can pack ourselves and get out."

Firefighter Marty Czarnecki delivered thousands of  new sandbags for folks who want to protect their property.  He said, "It makes you feel good you`re helping your community out you`re helping your county out."

Downstream the owner of a sand and gravel business is still operating he figures he`s got plenty of time to move his office to higher ground.

In St. Charles County at Emerald Green Turf Farms, things are looking bleak as the weather.  Owner Eddie Keeven said, "We get aggravated we get frustrated we know we can`t do anything about the rain."

They were expecting a dream summer for sales at the sod farm. All the spring rains have turned their hopes into a nightmare. They`ve barely had a chance to get in the fields and cut the sod. And now the flooding river may cover 300 of the 400 acres of sod at the worst possible time.

Keeven said, "This is the largest section of our profits of our margin come in right now right now and this is what we`re looking at."  It`s a disaster if the flood waters cover the grass for too long.  Keeven added, "If I`m underwater for over ten days it come off dead."  Last year it was hot and dry, now there`s too much rain.  Farmers can`t catch a break.


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