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BRIDGETON, MO (KTVI) –  Contamination concerns voiced in Jefferson City over Westlake Landfill in St. Louis County.

A proposed new bill could help dozens of homeowners near the site.

Senate Bill 22, sponsored by Maria Chappelle-Nadal would create a Hazardous Waste Home Acquisition Program to purchase homes near the Westlake Landfill that are or have been contaminated with radioactive material processed in St. Louis during the Manhattan Project.

The Spanish Village Subdivision where Brieann McCormick lives is eligible.

The health of her growing family is a big concern.

“Living in this area on a day to day basis is a lot of wonder on when is the ball going to drop when it’s not safe to come home,” said McCormick.

McCormick testified at a hearing for SB22 Wednesday.

According to the bill, homes would be appraised and given fair market rate.

Cody Schollmeyer recently moved to the neighborhood, is renovating his new home and says he’s not planning on leaving even if the bill becomes law.

“I bought the house, I knew about the issuers beforehand, it wasn’t that big of a concern to myself,” Schollmeyer said. “I had the option to have soil samples done when I bought the house. I chose to not worry about that,” he added.

McCormick, who’s never had her home tested for radiation levels believes that this is their only way out of a bad situation.

“If we walk away, we’re walking away from a huge investment, “said McCormick “If we stay, we are putting our lives at risk, if we try to sell someone else I feel like that’s an ethical issue.”