Residents voice support for plan to remove all radioactive waste from West Lake Landfill

BRIDGETON, MO – It was a packed room Tuesday night as a huge turnout in Bridgeton as the public got a chance to weigh in on the EPA’s plan to clean up the West Lake Landfill.

After investigating and studying the landfill for decades the EPA came up with eight different plans on how to clean up the radioactive waste.

The EPA thinks the best choice is alternative 4. The plan calls for about 70% of the waste would be removed from the site by digging down 16 feet deep.  Then a permanent cap would be placed on the area.  It would cost about $246 million and take 5-years to implement.

Many residents said a partial removal is only a partial solution and when over 1,000 residents were asked during the meeting who would like alternative 4 not one person raised their hand.

Instead, during the public comment section of the meeting residents made it clear that they want the EPA to go with alternative 7.

That plan is the removal of all radioactive material with an offsite disposal.  It would cost $455 million and take about 14-years to implement.

Residents said they feel like the only solution is to get rid of all of the waste.  Public comments on the plans is available online through April 23rd. Here is that link.

Here is the EPA’s full proposed plan.