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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – The Missouri Department of Transportation will be closing I-55, Lemay Ferry and Telegraph road after midnight Tuesday.

“You will need to decide what side of the river you will be on tonight. You will not be able to get back and forth,” said District Engineer Greg Horn.

MoDOT says that will also have to close 21 at Tesson Ferry and Route 141 at the Romaine Creek Tuesday afternoon.

MoDOT closed I-44 between I-270 and Grays Summit Monday night. Local westbound traffic can still get through to Bowles avenue. Local eastbound I-44 traffic can get through at 100 to Pacific, Eureka and 109. You cannot get all the way through. The road is flooded in multiple places. Manchester road (100) is the detour for I-44 traffic.

Traffic on Manchester road is flowing well. MoDOT advises that drivers take an alternate route to help keep traffic flowing.

The National Weather Service says that another round of heavy rain will be moving into east central Missouri and the St. Louis area. It should last for around 72 hours, starting early Wednesday morning.  The new rain in the forecast means more flooding on area streams and rivers.

The big wildcard in the river level forecast is the Mississippi river. The crest was expected to be at least 40 feet. If the river level is higher then Arnold will have some issues with flooding. The rain forecast for Wednesday and Thursday was not factored into the National Weather Service’s expected crest for the Mississippi river.

Al Nothum with the Missouri Highway Patrol is urging drivers to stay out of the water. This flooding event could last 4-5 more days. Drivers should check to see if the route to their destination is flooded. Stay calm and choose the best route before you leave.

A 57-mile stretch of highway in southwest Missouri is still closed. The Gasconade river has receded from I-44 and left some damage. The pavement is gone and MoDOT is working to fix the issue before opening the road. That could take several days. MoDOT says that drivers should take I-70 to go across the state.

Additional road closures:

  • Route 109 (St. Louis County) from Eureka High School to Route W/FF
  • Route 30/Gravois (St. Louis County) at Meramec River closed early this morning.
  • Route 67 is reduced to one lane with traffic from Alton, IL into Missouri between the Mississippi River and Missouri River
  • Route 141 at I-44 in St. Louis County is closed and will remain closed most of the week
  • Route 30 at Meramec River at St. Clair near I-44 in Franklin County is open. It could relieve for eastbound I-44/ Rte. 100 traffic.
  • I-55, Route 61/67/ Lemay Ferry/ Jeff Co. Blvd. and Route 231/Telegraph at the Meramec, between St. Louis and Jefferson Counties are expected to close overnight. I-55 is expected to be underwater after midnight.
  • Route 21/Tesson Ferry (St. Louis County) at Meramec River and Rte. 141 at Romaine Creek are expected to close today or tonight
  • Late Monday night, I-44 closed in St. Louis County.

There are hundreds of roads closed in Missouri. Check the map of updates here.

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