Rock City Church carries out its first ever ‘loads of miracles’ for the needy

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SPANISH LAKE, MO – It’s a necessity that many of us sometimes can take for granted: clean laundry. But on Saturday for the first time, organizers with Rock City Church performed what they call a small act of kindness as they footed the bill for anyone who needed to do their laundry at Clean World Laundromat on Bellefontaine Road in Spanish Lake.

“We just feel like we want to give back to the Spanish Lake community,” said community outreach organizer, Keli Webb, “we don’t just want to be a building, we don’t want to be just an unknown church that sits on a lot.”

Heather Long stood near one of eight dryers with her clean belongings tumbling inside.

“I saw that they were offering free laundry today,” said Long, “so I was like, ‘Oh I came just in time today.’”

It’s a time that Long referred to as a ‘blessing’ after she, along with her husband and children recently made the move from Tampa, Florida. Long said money is a bit tight and doing laundry isn’t cheap.

“I don’t take it for granted because this is something that we’ve gotta do, we’ve gotta wash our clothes,” said Long.

Anthony Weeden said, not only can he get a large amount of laundry done all at one time, but it’s also a significant saving to his pockets.

“I come here every two weeks and spend like $40,” said Weeden, “that can help me in other ways like I can put that towards gas money or Pampers, I got kids.”

It’s a show of humanity church organizers said they are planning to continue as a tradition in the future.

“It is really the joy of giving back and being a blessing to others that’s why we call it the ‘Loads of Miracles,” said Webb.


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