ST. LOUIS–The national debate surrounding challenges to books in schools returns to one of the largest districts in the state Thursday night, when the Rockwood school district board of education reviews the work of a committee tasked with deciding if three more books should remain on district shelves.

“This One Summer” by Mariko Tamaki and Jillian Tamaki, “Heroine” by Mindy McGinnis, and “The Breakaways” by Cathy G. Johnson were all put through the review process after separate challenges were made.

The complaints about the books revolve around vulgar language and mature themes.

“This One Summer” a graphic novel with a coming of age theme, made the American Library Association’s 2016 list of the top ten most challenged books.

Harper-Collins describes “Heroine” as a captivating and powerful exploration of the opioid crisis—the deadliest drug epidemic in American history—through the eyes of a college-bound softball star.” The challenge claims that it serves as something of a guide to drug use.

“The Breakaways”, another graphic novel, which features a transgender soccer player, was banned in one Houston, TX area school district last fall, the Houston Chronicle reported. The local challenge said the book deals with sexual identity, “a huge concept for 5-10 year-old students.”

The Rockwood book review panel, including two teachers, two librarians, a curriculum coordinator, a school board member, four parents, and two high school students, is recommending to the school board that the first two titles remain on district shelves with no limitations, while “The Breakaways” should be kept on the shelf, but limited to fourth and fifth grade students at check out.

In December, the district denied challenges to six other books, opting to keep them in high school libraries.