ST. LOUIS – A Supreme Court draft opinion leaked to a news outlet Monday night and it signaled Roe v. Wade may be overturned. That ruling legalized abortion across America. Protestors gathered outside the Supreme Court in Washington D.C. Monday night.

Multiple media outlets are reporting that the opinion was leaked to “Politico.” FOX 2 understands it was circulated in early February and was written by Justice Samuel Alito. It’s labeled “1st Draft” and appears to have had the support of five of the six conservative justices on the court. Chief Justice John Roberts appeared to be the only conservative justice who didn’t support it.

The document, which is not an official court ruling, strikes down Roe v. Wade for the reason that it was decided incorrectly and that there is no constitutional right to abortion services. The opinion would allow states to more heavily regulate abortion or ban it altogether. It focuses on a Mississippi case before the court that has not yet been decided.

Missouri Republican Senator Josh Hawley appeared on the Fox News Channel show “Hannity” and said that he was upset that the opinion was leaked.

“The Chief Justice of the United States is going to have to convene the Justices. He’s going to have to convene the clerks and all employees of the court, and he’s going to have to say the leaker needs to come forward. This is very, very serious. It is an unprecedented breach of the court’s confidentiality, and it is plainly meant to corrupt the process within the court,” Hawley said.

St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones, who will be in Washington D.C. Tuesday for an unrelated event, released the following statement in reaction to the leak.

“First they come for our bodies – then they come for voting rights, civil rights, LGBTQ rights. From the Supreme Court to the Missouri state legislature, right-wing politicians are working overtime to strip away our most personal and fundamental freedoms for their own political gain. If there was ever a time to hit the alarm and break the glass, this is it. Congress must take action to protect abortion rights and keep these bans off of our bodies.”