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ST. CHARLES, MO (KTVI)– Missourians struggling to find an answer to the question: “Who will I back for president?”  Not everyone is ready to endorse the frontrunner Governor Mitt Romney.

In fact, Missouri may well show up as a rogue state endorsing Texas Congressman Ron Paul.

Ron Paul supporters describe the congressman as a man who is very principled and consistent.  Paul carried St. Charles County GOP delegates four years ago.

He also forced a second caucus last night after participants refused to go along in March with changes to the caucus structure.

Republican leaders from the state party had little choice but to go along with a new caucus meeting and be sure everyone had their say.

They admit, the Ron Paul supporters may dominate the congressional district meetings and seize all of Missouri’s delegates for Ron Paul.

Actual delegates to the GOP convention in Tampa this summer will be chosen April 21st and during the state convention in June.