Rotting fish in a South City lake leave a foul smell for area residents

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ST. LOUIS – Hundreds of dead fish are rotting in the summer sun at a pond in Carondelet Park. Neighbors say there have been some issues here over the years but nothing to this extent.

“There was Blue Algae over at the Boathouse on the other side in the past. They had to close it down a few times. There was one whole breed of duck that got wiped out because of it. I could literally pick the ducks up as they were dying and get them out of the water but not to this amount,” said Michael Boeckelmann, a neighbor.

“The top of the water there’s usually some naturalization like a film or algae but not like this,” says Matt Wunderlich, a resident.

Whatever the cause, residents say the deaths came about quickly.

“He was just here Friday evening and this was not here. I don’t know what happened. There’s a lot of speculation,” said Christina Troisi, a frequent park-goer.

Some are pointing to at least one large case of fireworks that can be spotted floating in the shallow water.

Fox 2/News 11 reached out to Saint Louis Parks Department which says it’s aware of the situation and thinks it may have something to do with oxygen levels in the water. It says it hopes to have someone out there this week to help with cleanup.

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