Roundtable on Ferguson police brutality held by Washington DC public relations firm

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - A roundtable discussion about allegations of police brutality against African Americans just wrapped up, not in Ferguson but the Central West End.

It was billed as a roundtable discussion for the media with a group of young people from Ferguson talking about allegations of police brutality. As it turns out, that was the topic, but it was put together by a Washington DC public relations firm on the ground in Ferguson. The two primary speakers were both community organizers from north St. Louis who said that uniting the African American community And getting a wide ranging discussion started about police practices is the good that came come out of this.

The forty-five minute discussion ended with the participants issuing a list of demands. Some of them quite familiar by now including the arrest of officer Darren Wilson, the appointment of a special prosecutor, and the firing of the Ferguson Police Chief. They also demand that the Department of Justice expand its investigation into alleged civil rights violations in north St. Louis County. They are also asking that all protesters under arrest be released.

By the way, one of the speakers was among those arrested and says the officer who took him down called him the n-word. This was held in the conference room at the Service Employees International Union. The publicist, his word not mine, said his firm was being employed by several non profits, but declined to identify them.


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