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BRANSON, Mo. – A massive home is on the market for $80 million. The 30,000 square-foot mansion is called the Evergreen Crystal Palace. It has room for 20 cars in the garage, a helicopter landing pad, and nearly a dozen themed bedrooms.

Missourian Robert Plaster, who founded Empire Gas Corporation, told friends that he took offense to an out-of-towner who expected a hillbilly experience at the lake. So he built the Crystal Palace.

You will find a time machine to the luxury of the 1990s inside. There is also an unbelievable view of Table Rock Lake, revealing a home for entertaining, with three baby grand pianos.

Tons of green marble wrap the fireplace and stairs in the main atrium. The chandelier is a show stopper, both unique and massive.

There’s a full bar, massive pool table, and an indoor shooting range that doubles as a panic room. It has a bulletproof window, lock, and door. Yes, there is a pool.

The real estate broker told us he came out of retirement to sell the property after Robert Plaster’s son had a sudden illness and didn’t want to leave unfinished business for his children.

Plaster was a well-known philanthropist. The millions from this home sale will fund many scholarships for students at five colleges.