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MARYLAND HEIGHTS,  MISSOURI ( KTVI ) – Keeping the roads clear of ice is what rock salt does, but last year’s record- breaking winter is leaving supplies tight and prices spiking.
One local company preparing for winter  is  looking beyond usual suppliers.
Last year’s snowy winter has created a shortage  of road salt.  This year  that’s leading those who help provide supplies and clear the roadway searching for  alternative methods to make travel as safe as possible.  ” We went into last winter  with a little bit of a shortage and  last winter it  hit the entire nation. As we are all aware,  it depleted the supply chain of salt, “said  BSR  President Carl Bolm .

BSR   Services located in  Maryland Heights, Missouri   is  one of the largest  private snow  and ice management companies in  the St Louis Region.  The company   had to go all the way to Egypt to find  the salt  for this winter . ” This year we could not get  an economical price on salt. We had to have some 10-thousand tons come in as far away as Egypt ,” said Bolm.

To also help though the winter months, The B S R  Company recently purchased new liquid salt application machinery plus two tanker trucks that will enable faster and more environmentally-friendly winter treatment methods.

BSR Services purchased the BrineXtreme, one of Henderson Product’s top liquid salt machines, to help handle the upcoming winter season.  The BrineXtreme makes nearly 6,000 gallons of liquid salt per hour, and the company purchased several 3,000 gallon tanks for storing the liquid deicers.

The product is spread using the company’s new 4,000 gallon tanker trucks that can spray 40 feet wide for time-saving service.  Liquid salt can be applied two to three days prior to a storm while still maintaining its effectiveness.

Liquid salt pre-treatment is beneficial during extremely cold conditions.  Since salt reacts slowly when temperatures are below 10 degrees, spraying liquid salt jump starts the melting process and causes the salt to react more quickly.  This method also enables BSR Services to use less salt and stay more cost-efficient.

“By adding this new product to our snow fighting arsenal, it better prepares our crews since it can be sprayed even before winter weather hits our area,” said BSR Services’ president Carl Bolm.  “We particularly like the fact that it’s better for our environment plus allows us to be more proactive when battling wintertime weather.”

Founded in 1984, BSR Services is a proactive risk management expert that focuses on snow-specific commercial property service.    For more information, call (314) 569-3005 or visit the website at