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FENTON, MO (KPLR) – When David Mickey Evan created the movie the Sandlot 20 years ago, he had no idea where it would take him. On Friday it was to Fenton, Missouri.

“The movie is about character courage and loyalty which is on the Little League patch and about friendship, about including people for any reason.” said ‘The Sandlot’ Director David Mickey Evan.

Which might explain why he included a cast member for Thursday’s dedication of the new Sandlot baseball field.

“It is a game where all you need is a bat and a ball and wherever you are you just make a sandlot and you can play this game. And then there’s so many friends that partake in it and then you’re on a team a real team you know.” said Patrick “Ham” Renna from ‘The Sandlot’ movie.

On Thursday The Sandlot teamed up with TASK and Cardinals Care who are providing a $50,000 check for this new ball field.

“What I kept hearing at individual program meetings from parents is that my child had nowhere to play. I just made a comment to two other teachers I’d really like to do this and they said, ‘Okay we’ll help you and that’s how TASK was born.” said TASK Founder Deb Fruend.

TASK stands for team activities for special kids. It’s mission is to provide athletic and social opportunities for children with special needs.

“They’re an easy target for bullying and other concerns and everybody has a right to play and feel good about themselves and enjoy life and I think that’s important for them.” said Deb Fruend.

what was important Thursday was a friendly game of ball on a level playing field.

“Baseball most emulates our lives and sort of our lives and baseball can be summed up in a single word, hope.” said ‘The Sandlot’ Director David Mickey Evan.

“You called for the home run? I did and then I threw you for the loop and I bunted but I got a homerun, inside the park. I did steal home, the director was sleeping so I figured I’d throw everyone for a little loop.” said actor Patrick Renna.

This is a diamond that’s priceless. That’s reason enough to play the game.