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 ST. LOUIS, MO — FOX 2’s Dan Gray got caught up in the demonstrations Friday afternoon.    Other media outlets picked up the incident that also involved his photographer Tauna Price.

Gray was hit by three water bottles, one in the back of the head and two in the shirt.  The protesters were angry, in his face and yelling.

“I understand their frustration I understand their anger, ” said Dan Gray.  “Perhaps they needed someone to vent it to.”

One protester had been taunting the reporter and photographer all day.   He was complaining about the media.  The man told Dan Gray that he has been covering crime in St. Louis for over 30 years.  He had been covering black on black crime for decades and, “didn’t do anything.”

That is when the crowd turned on the journalists.   He was surrounded by the crowd.  That is when a group swooped in to protect them.  They walked the two to a safe place on Market Street.  The crowd began to diminish as they walked away.

“We are OK.  We are fine,” said Dan Gray.