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KANSAS CITY, MO (KTVI)-The North Kansas City School District has now returned a blind Missouri boy’s cane after it was taken away from him on his school bus. The district is also apologizing to Dakota Nafzinger, 8, and admitting it made a mistake.

But the boy’s parents are still outraged saying Dakota uses his cane 24/7 and was forced to use a pool noodle to guide him around in the days after it was taken from him.

The National Federation of the Blind found out about the incident and has now donated a new cane to Dakota so he can have an extra one at home. They have also offered to work with and educate the North Kansas City School District so that this never happens again.

After the incident, school district spokeswoman Michelle Cronk told FOX 4 in Kansas City that Dakota hit somebody with his cane on while riding the bus. She says they took away his cane and gave him a pool noodle because he needed something to hold. Cronk said Dakota fidgets without his cane.

Dakota’s parents say they’re unsure if they will be sending him back to the school after the holiday break