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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – School officials and parents from the Rockwood, Lindbergh, and Mehlville school districts met with local law enforcement and a state legislator to discuss school safety in the wake of national tragedies.

Missouri State Representative David Gregory (R-96th District) brought everyone together in a proactive approach.

“I feel like our schools, my school districts, are doing a good job to ensure we’re safe, but I also took from this a lot more can be done to be safer,” Gregory said.

The collective group shared thoughts and ideas that could be implemented now and in the near future. Strategies to keep those who bad intentions out of the schools were discussed, as well as offensive measures like tackling mental health issues with kids that need help. But there was one issue everyone was on board with.

“We need more police officers in schools,” said Dr. Eric Knost, Superintendent of the Rockwood School District. “Doesn’t matter what school district is talking; police departments agree. Representative Gregory agrees. We will figure that out one way or the other.”

St. Louis County police are heavily involved speaking with their school superintendents on how they can help. It was clear most did not like the idea of arming teachers.

“We can all get together and talk about things and minimize the chance of something happening and make it less like of happening,” said Captain John Hotz, Missouri State Highway Patrol.

Parents from all three districts voiced concerns and offered ideas on keeping their kids safe from a school shooting.

“Funding issues for schools, we need more (school resource) officers funding,” said parent Gina Keller.

Rep. Gregory will hold a town hall in the near future to discuss what actions will be taken in the future.