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ST. LOUIS, Mo. — A police officer is being investigated for a scuffle with the daughter of Billy Busch and her boyfriend.  Officer Brandin Neil first made news last month for this gas station scuffle. Bryan Boyle says officer Neil knocked him to the ground when he asked a question.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports something similar happened last May at a downtown St. Louis bar. Matt Lamarr and Abbey Busch, the daughter of Kraftig beer baron Billy Busch claim they were knocked to the ground by officer Neil.

Lamarr says officer Neil bumped into him spilling his Kraftig beer. Lamarr yelled, “Excuse me.” He claims the officer said, “Say excuse me one more time.”

Lemarr again said “Excuse me” and says he and Abby Busch were knocked to the ground by Neil.  The couple filed a complaint with internal affairs.