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ST. LOUIS (KTVI)–Six men arrested by Evansville, Indiana Police last May for breaking into a Harley-Davidson shop there were linked Tuesday to what the United States Secret Service says was a St. Louis-based ‘biker gang’ that has been responsible for more than $1 million in stolen motorcycles and other property dating back to 2019.

FOX2’s sister station WEHT in Evansville reports that the men were seen running from Bud’s Harley-Davidson not long after the store’s security system confirmed that glass had been broken there on May 31. That came just three days after WKRN in Nashville, also a FOX2 sister station reported that three bikes were stolen from a Harley-Davidson store in Clarksville, TN, with thieves ramming one of the bikes through the front door to break it down.

While it is unclear if the same suspects are responsible for all of the cases, authorities do tell WEHT that they are related, along with cases in Missouri, Illinois, and Tennessee.

FOX2 has made contact with authorities in multiple states to determine if the theft ring has been entirely disrupted.