ST. LOUIS – Service has now been restored to REJIS, a computer information network used by St. Louis area police, after an unexpected outage.

The Regional Justice Information System (REJIS) dealt with a security incident on Tuesday that made the service temporarily unavailable. A spokesperson says REJIS worked to mitigate any damage and was not aware of any sensitive information being taken or released.

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department says REJIS service has been restored. While police says the outrage did affect some police operations, it was more of an inconvenience than a threat.

“We do have back-up procedures, for instances when technology is not available for any reason, that allow us to continue to provide services ensuring public safety,” said Sgt. Charles Wall with the department in an update Wednesday.

REGIS is used to write reports and gives officers the ability to see if an individual is wanted for a crime in St. Louis City or St. Louis County. Following Tuesday’s incident, St. Louis County Executive Sam Page said he will be calling on the county council to invest more money in cybersecurity.