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ST. LOUIS – A security guard at a Shell Gas Station was attacked by three men who were asked to leave for not wearing masks.

The attack culminated in the shooting of one of the suspects by the victim of the attack. Police said gas station is located at 721 North Tucker Blvd. Saturday at 2:34 a.m.

Police found the security guard, a 47-year-old Hispanic man, with multiple contusions to his head.

The man told the three suspects they were not allowed to go into the store without wearing a mask. The suspects then walked outside and taunted the man. The man demanded they leave, but the suspects surrounded him and punched him in the face and head. One suspect took the man’s baton and hit him with it several times.

Police said the victim then grabbed his gun from his holster and fired at the suspects causing them to flee the scene. The man told police that one of the suspects was struck by a bullet. EMS took the man to the hospital.

During the investigation officers got a call from a hospital for a shooting victim that was dropped off with a wound to his abdomen. The suspect was listed in critical/stable condition.

The investigation is ongoing.