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DES PERES, Mo. – Police in Des Peres are looking for two suspected shoplifters who assaulted a store a manager at the West County Center on Tuesday.

Authorities responded to West County Center just after 12:40 p.m. Tuesday after receiving calls of a shot fired. They learned one shot had been fired in the garage at the mall.

Police from the Des Peres Department of Public Safety were initially investigating if the shooting was accidental in nature. However, police soon learned an off-duty officer from another jurisdiction fired the shot.

The off-duty officer told police he witnessed the shoplifting and assault of the store manager and attempted to apprehend the two suspects. The off-duty officer identified himself as law enforcement and instructed the pair to stop. The suspects ran to the I-270 parking garage and the off-duty officer again identified himself.

The suspects got into a small black car and attempted to speed off. The off-duty officer pulled out his gun and fired a single round at the vehicle.

The suspect vehicle struck a car and eventually got away.

At present, the department that the off-duty officer works for is leading its own investigation to make sure their officer followed policy.
The officer not been charged.

Anyone with information on this incident is asked to contact the Des Peres Police Department at 314-835-6200.