Shots fired at Maplewood apartment for second consecutive night

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MAPLEWOOD, Mo. — Police are searching for suspects who shot up a Maplewood apartment for the second day in a row.  The alarming shootings have forced residents to move out of the area.

More than 40 shell casings found outside the apartment on Commonwealth Avenue. Investigators found bullets fired through a bedroom window. Some of those bullets traveled through the bedroom wall and into another apartment putting other residents in danger.

This is the second shooting that has happened at this home in two days. Officers responded to the same home just one day prior. By the time of the second shooting, the residents had moved out for their own safety. No injuries were reported in either shooting.

“The gunfire was aimed at one apartment, and subsequently it went through the back wall of the building into the adjoining unit. It’s not a problem area. We’re not there, we don’t respond to that area for this kind of call of anywhere in Maplewood for that matter.,” said Lt. John Leclerc.

Police are encouraging anyone with potential information to contact their local authorities.


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