SIBA Shooter Should Not Have Been Able To Get A Gun

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ST. LOUIS, MO. (KTVI) – FOX2 uncovered more about the accused gunman in the shooting at the Stevens Institute of Business and Arts (SIBA) in Downtown St. Louis, Tuesday.  

SIBA student, Sean Johnson, 34, is charged with 1st degree felony assault, unlawful possession of a firearm, possessing a defaced firearm, and armed criminal action.

Police said he shot himself, after he shot school administrator, Greg Elsenrath.
Look at Johnson’s rap sheet; you see why authorities said it should have never happened.

Court documents show Johnson`s attacked a cab driver and police in the past 4 years.

The documents show he should not have had a gun and probably should have been in prison.  

The new charges are just the latest chapter in Johnson`s criminal story; a maddening story for authorities, going back to a 2009 felony case.

That case should have kept him from ever getting a handgun, taking it to SIBA, and Elsenrath, the Financial Aid Director, in a dispute over financial aid.   

‘There were 3 rounds still left in the weapon.  2 rounds were expelled; 1 in the victim; one in the defendant,’ said Mahrya Fulfer, a prosecutor in the St. Louis Circuit Attorney`s Office.

‘Anyone with a criminal conviction, someone with mental illness, shouldn`t have access to a firearm, whether it`s legally, or illegally,’ said St. Louis Police Chief, Sam Dotson.

He said it was a 9mm handgun with the serial number at least partially filed off.

‘We have a very good forensic lab in the city police department.  They did their tests on the weapon and were able to get some information from the serial number.  We contacted the ATF and together we`re working on reconstructing the history of that gun,’ Dotson said.

Johnson pleaded guilty to second degree assault and unlawful use of a weapon for using a box cutter to attack a cab driver in Bridgeton in 2009.  The cab driver survived.

The judge ordered Johnson to take prescribed mental health medication and to stay away from the cab driver.  He sentenced him to 5 years probation.  

Last February, Johnson was in trouble again; charged with property damage and assaulting police for allegedly smashing a police car with a brick, then kicking officers as they arrested him.

He was wanted on warrants issued in May and June for violating probation, when he allegedly shot Elsenrath.  

‘At some point, resources become an issue.  Things get prioritized.  I`m not saying anyone dropped the ball on this, because I don`t think anybody did.  Just, he did not have a contact with law enforcement since May of last year,’ Dotson said.

A message on the school’s FaceBook page said Elsenrath came through surgery with ‘flying colors’ and was he was expected to make a full recovery.  

There was no update on Johnson’s condition.

Police said he was expected to survive.

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