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WENTZVILLE, MO (KTVI)- A young child who was clinging to life after a horrific case of child abuse in Wentzville, MO, has died. Police say it’s one of the worst cases they have ever dealt with.

The abuse is alleged to have happened at the family’s Wentzville home between October 18 and November 7, 2016. Robert Burnette, 19,  reportedly couldn’t deal with the crying from his six-week-old baby so he decided to shove his fingers down the baby’s throat. St. Charles County Court documents say Burnette also threw the baby onto a bed, shook him, and picked him up by the back the neck.

St. Charles County investigators say the child’s mother, Megan Hendricks, 20, stood by and watched while the abuse took place. A roommate also saw the abuse but has not been charged.

The baby, identified only as J.B., was listed  in critical condition at Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital with broken bones, liver contusions, and bleeding on the brain. He was pronounced dead on November 28, 2016, after being removed from life support.

On November 8, felony Abuse of a Child charges were filed against Burnette. Now that the son has died, the charges amended to Abuse of a Child Resulting in Death, carrying a maximum range of punishment of 30 years to life in prison.  Burnette remains in custody on a $500,000 cash only bond.

Hendricks is also in custody. Her bond is set at $250,000.