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Update: Terminal One has reopened after the fire. A small section of the west end in the upper level will be cordoned off (near the restaurants but not the restaurants) to allow firefighters to continue working.

A St. Louis firefighter uses a saw to cut through a copper roof in Terminal 1 at St. Louis-Lambert International Airport in St. Louis on January 13, 2019. Nearly 75 firefighters fought the two-alarm fire, clearing Terminal 1 of passengers for about three hours. A small amount of water leaking from the fire area made it into the terminal with all fire damage remaining on the outside roof. The cause has yet to be determined. Photo by Bill Greenblatt/UPI

ST. LOUIS, MO. – A small fire caused an evacuation at Terminal One at St. Louis Lambert Airport Sunday morning. The fire was located on the building’s roof on the runway side. Evacuees were standing outside for about an hour. People are now being allowed back into the terminal to check in with their airlines.

The St. Louis Fire Department says that the contour of the roof was challenging to work on.  The fire was smoldering near the west end of the building’s roof.  The Florissant Valley Fire Protection District says that the St. Louis Fire Department called for suburban fire companies to help with the fire.

An alarm sounded in Terminal One at around 8:00am Sunday.  People were evacuated from Terminal One were standing outside. They were then moved downstairs at Terminal One. The A and C concourses were unaffected.

St. Louis Lambert Airport tweets, “Upcoming flights from T1 airlines impacted. Other concourses and T2 are operational.”

It is not clear what started the fire or when people will be allowed back inside the building. No one was injured in the fire.

Many flights were canceled this weekend because of that snow storm. But, travelers are looking to fly today. When the snow moved in late Friday afternoon it caused quite the headache for drivers and those trying to fly. Nationwide, about 450 flights were canceled and 2,000 were delayed.  The airport hit the hardest with cancelations and delays was St. Louis Lambert.

More than 120 combined arrivals and departures were canceled when the snow hit our area.  Some people who made it into the airport on Friday were then stuck there when their rides could not get to the airport to pick them up. Ubers and Lyft rides were either unavailable or operating at an extremely high rate.

Most of the airlines waived change fees for flights that were canceled due to the snow.