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MANCHESTER, MO (KTVI)-Police in Manchester are investigating an overnight smash and grab at a jewelry store. It happened at The Diamond Family Jewelry Store at Manchester and Baxter Road.

The owners are trying to take inventory and figure out what was taken.

Police rushed to the scene about 2:45 a.m. after a getting a call about the smash-and-grab from an alarm company. Investigators say the suspect or suspects hurled two huge rocks about 15 pounds each through the front window.

Whoever is responsible for the break-in, smashed one big jewelry showcase and stole about four boxes that were inside the main case. One of the owners says there were watches inside of those boxes.

Authorities believe some jewelry was taken although at this point it`s unclear what specifically was stolen or how much. There is surveillance video in the store but police are still reviewing it to see what might have been caught on the footage.

One of the owners says this same kind of thing happened about one year ago at this same location.

At this point, police have no suspects in this case.