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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-Clean up is underway after an early morning smash and grab at a north St. Louis auto shop. The owner of the Kings Customs Auto Service Center provided a copy of his surveillance video which shows at least two thieves ransacking the place.

Owner Jay Johnson says that around 2:45am, he got word the alarm was sounding at his store, located at 1010 North Kingshighway.

They backed in with a pickup truck and rammed through the door. I mean, that’s an easily $15,000 in damage for no good reason,” said Johnson.

Johnson says the damages are the main problem. The thieves were in the store for just seconds and only got away with about $200 in merchandise.

“It’s very unfortunate. You do so much to try to help out the community. You try to provide for people and try the best you can to make an honest living,” said the store owner.

If you have any information you are urged to contact police.