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(KTVI) – One of the most frustrating and frightening challenges in the area around the marathon was simply finding the friends and family you came there with.  For Sarah Dexter of Wentzville, it proved to be gut wrenching.

She was watching the race not far from the finish line, waiting for her cousin to pass.  That’s when the bomb went off.  She saw several badly injured people, including little kids.

“It was horrible,” she told us via Skype Monday night.  “There was a lot of blood on the street. Shoes.  You could feel the heat from the impact.”

Next came the uncertainly; cell service was almost nonexistent, and she was trying to find her cousin amidst 25 thousand panicked runners and all those on the side of the course.  Another relative began running up Boylston Street in a desperate attempt to find her daughter.

“We did not know where the next bomb was going to come from.  It was like walking through a minefield.  You weren’t sure what to do. Where to go.  If another one was coming behind it.  There was no safety.  It was like watching the videos from 9/11 all over again.”

Eventually a Facebook post and a text got through.  They located one another more than an hour after the blasts.

They hope to return to St. Louis Tuesday.  None of Dexter’s group was injured.

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