Some St. Louis businesses keep mask guidelines, others ready to ditch it


ST. LOUIS – After St. Louis City and County leaders announced it is getting rid of its mask mandate to coincide with the latest CDC guidelines that vaccinated people do not have to wear a mask, some local businesses are ready to do the same, while others plan to still ask patrons to wear a mask.

“We’re going to err on the side of trying to keep as many people as comfortable as possible,” Rick Lewis, owner of Grace Meat + Three said. “We’re going to kind of go into this the same way we have from the get-go, which is trying to put our staff and community at the forefront of our minds, so I think until there is a little more clarity and structure.”

Lewis said his staff will continue to wear masks as well.

“We were quick to adapt in the beginning, I think it’s okay to kind of sit back, soak in some Information, and be reactive,” Lewis said. “It’s a tough spot, I want to be done with these things as much as everybody does.”

Each establishment is able to decide if they want to ask people to wear a mask or not. 1860’s Saloon in Soulard said it won’t require masks if you’re vaccinated.

“Now with the mask requirement being pretty much eliminated, we’re pretty well back to normal,”1860’s Saloon Owner Tom Gullickson said. “You just got to have faith in people they are going to do the right thing and that’s what you do, we can’t ask if they had a shot, I’m assuming if they don’t have a mask on, they’ve had their shot.”

Lewis said it is important to show grace to each establishment especially during this transitional time.”Be respectful and understanding of everybody involved in this with their business it’s not just a me thing, it’s an everybody involved thing,” he said.

River City Casino and Hotel is also telling vaccinated guests they don’t have to wear a mask. “We do ask that guests who are not vaccinated still wear their masks as directed by the CDC to continue to keep our property a safe space for guests and team members,” a statement from River City Casino and Hotel said Friday.

Local establishments asking all customers to continue to wear a mask until further notice:

No masks required for vaccinated customers:

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