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ST. LOUIS – With people waking up to news on Wednesday that St. Louis interests have settled a lawsuit over the Rams’ move to Los Angeles for $790 million, there’s still a lot that is unknown about what will happen to that money.

A statement Wednesday afternoon said St. Louis City, County, and the St. Louis Regional Sports Complex Authority haven’t determined how the settlement will be divided and for what purpose. Cynicism about that appears to be a driver behind some of the negative reactions emerging online.

On FOX2’s Facebook page, we asked: Is St. Louis getting enough money? Among some of the reactions:

Luckie Collins: “Boooo!!!!! Settling with these low-lives is a waste!! Should never settle and can’t believe the city is entertaining the concept! This is an easy win for the city in a big way they just need to go to court!”

Susan Palmer “How disappointing. Based on what many sources were saying, sounds like we could have gotten much more. Or maybe even a team(although I have mixed feelings about wanting another team here).Sounds like we let them off the hook. And what are the chances the powers that be will squander the money away.”

Mark E. McDaniel “Nearly a billion dollars to clear any shortfall for paying for the Dome (even after losing its primary tenant)? Absolutely. Expansion was NEVER guaranteed. Take the money and run.”

Rodney Holcomb Jr. “The NFL has won again. This settlement number is nowhere near with St. Louis should’ve gotten and now the city won’t even get a team 😂 if you think that money is going to go to the every day citizen you’re out of your mind.”

Those who may have wanted to exact a greater “pound of flesh” from the NFL will be disappointed with the settlement instead of a trial, or the lack of an expansion team as part of an agreement. The overall dollar amount in the hands of St. Louis interests will be around $513 million after attorney fees.

Count former St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay, who was in office when the team left, among those who favored the settlement.

“It’s easy to say that this is not enough. Sure everybody would like more money, like to get a lot more things but in the end, we’re in court. We have a jury trial we have judges involved, we have appeals possibly and I’ve seen really big verdicts go sideways in the past. It can happen. I think the lawyers made the right decision that this case should have been settled and I think this is a very satisfying win for St. Louis,” he said.

Simply put, said former NFL executive Bob Wallace, “trials are risky.”

If a distaste for Stan Kroenke and the NFL has united the region over the years since the Rams left, there appears to be a unifying theme of what could lie ahead.