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JEFFERSON CITY, MO (KTVI)- Lawmakers have made a major change in gun laws that could put firearms in schools.

This new law means that teachers and administrators designated as a “school protection officer” can bring guns into your child’s classroom.

Governor Jay Nixon, who is a democrat, vetoed the law, but the republican led state legislature has overridden that veto. It’s all part of a two-year effort by many lawmakers to expand gun rights in Missouri.

Specially trained public school employees will now be able to carry concealed weapons inside schools.

The department of public safety will create the training guidelines.

Schools will have the final say on whether firearms actually end up in the classroom. The law just makes it an option.

This makes Missouri the 10th state to allow armed school employees since the sandy hook massacre. The change start in about a month.

The legal age to get a concealed weapons permit is also changing from 21 to 19.