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FERGUSON, MO – Rebuilding together to transform lives of those who need it most.

Charter Spectrum along with Rebuilding Together is making repairs to some local area homes for people who are unable to maintain them on their own.

That included Don and Ida McNab who have lived in their Ferguson home on North Elizabeth Avenue for 28 years. And after all those years of wear and tear, they both needed a little help with repairs.

“We didn’t realize how many,” said Mrs. McNab.

And that help came through in a big way.

“We have about 50 employee volunteers from Spectrum out today helping a couple of homeowners in the Ferguson neighborhood,” said Spectrum spokesperson, Wes Shirley, “it’s part of our national initiative called Spectrum Housing Assist.”

The goal is to improve 50,000 homes by the year 2020. Shirley said those who qualify include disabled veterans, the elderly and single parent households.

Several volunteers could be seen going in and out of the McNabs’ home, making improvements such as putting in a new door, wood flooring and even a fresh paint job.

“He just got out of the wheelchair and a walker,” said Mrs. McNab of her husband, “so he’s back to moving somewhat, but at our age there’s just no way we could do what really is necessary to do.”

Local Spectrum employees, turned volunteers told Fox 2 that waking up early on a cold Saturday morning is worth the rewarding feeling of giving back to the community.

“It’s important that we are supporting those people who just don’t have that kind of opportunity that we do,” said Graquel Schaeffer, “so the bigger picture here is to stay involved and to dig in our roots and make sure that everybody is there together and know that we are a community.”

A community the McNabs said they are grateful to be a part of.

“We are just touched by this,” said Mrs. McNab.