Speeding stolen car punches hole into south St. Louis home

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ST. LOUIS — Reporter Erika Tallan was assigned to another story in south St. Louis City Monday when a car raced by her and slammed into a building.

A 2018 red Dodge Charger ran a stop sign Monday afternoon, drove two blocks, crashed into a truck, and then a home at Winnebago and Compton. The car punched a hole into the side of the home. The front of the vehicle could be seen poking into the basement.

Neighbors were quick to record the aftermath on their cellphones.

Erika Tallan and her photographer recorded video of four people running from the wreckage. Some of them were bloodied. One was tangled up in an airbag. All ran down the alley.

The driver of the vehicle returned to the scene, covered in blood, to retrieve his football jersey. The suspects have not yet been identified by police. Authorities arrived at the scene about 20 minutes after the accident.

The man driving the truck at the intersection suffered only minor injuries.

“They ran the stop sign. They was coming so fast, I didn’t have time to do nothing,” said Jerome Wright.

The people renting the home Winnebago and Compton said accidents happen at the corner all the time. They said they heard a loud boom and felt the house shake, but they didn’t think it was their home until they looked outside.

St. Louis police said they’re investigating the matter.

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