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IRWINDALE, CA – City officials in Irwindale, California want a Sriracha hot sauce plant shut down. Residents say the odor from the factory is unbearable.

The Huy Fong food factory in Irwindale is where the popular hot sauce Sriracha is made this is one of the busiest times of year. But, the plant is at risk of having to shut down this week after facing criticism from neighbors. Residents say they’re suffering from watery eyes, headaches and throat irritation. The city of Irwindale is asking a judge to stop production until the company submits a plan of action to reduce the irritating odor.

Right behind me is where the peppers are ground, right behind them are carbon filters that suck up the pungent odors and send them straight up to the roof and released through vents. THe city says it’s recommended bringing in a new filtration system. but, that would cost nearly $600,000 and the company says there’s not guarantee they would work.

Both sides are expected in court on Thursday. If Huy Fong is ordered to stop production the company says you can expect the price of Sriracha to go up.