SSM Health Medical Minute – Home sleep testing kit

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ST. LOUIS - “This goes into the nose so this is how we detect airflow,” said Loretta Colvin, ACNP/Nurse Practitioner Sleep Clinic SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital.

A home sleep testing kit is becoming more popular it includes sensors that go in the nose around the waist and on a finger.  SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital sleep nurse practitioner Loretta Colvin says the home device is accurate and affordable.

“We’re seeing more of an interest in cost savings from insures of convenience to patients if they have caregiving or travel or they have things that keep them from wanting to come into the sleep center,” said Loretta Colvin

Improved technology in cpap machines or more recently referred to as pap machines make them more comfortable in delivering pressurized air to open a blockage which causes breathing to stop and start while sleeping.

“We have people seeing improvements in less than a week we have other people that it’s going to take longer but for many, they come back saying its life-changing for them.”


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