St. Charles business owners want handicapped parking spots on Main Street


Main Street in St. Charles

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ST. CHARLES, Mo. - A soon-to-be business owner on Historic Main Street in St. Charles has started a petition asking the city to add handicapped parking spaces along the street.

The two owners of "Baked" said they would like an accessible parking spot in front of their building.

Fox 2 spoke with Mayor Dan Borgmeyer, who said it isn't the city's problem but an issue between the business owners and their landlord. He said the city's streets pre-date ADA, which requires four handicapped parking spaces per 100 spots. Borgmeyer said making a brick street ADA compliant would take a major renovation and said crews would have to tear up the entire street.

He suggests the owners ask their landlord to make one of the spots directly behind their building a handicapped spot. The owners of Baked said only one of the spots behind their building belongs to their business, and they said because it is used for deliveries it cannot be made into a handicapped parking spot.

Borgmeyer said giving this one particular business a spot would not be a fair process. He told FOX 2 the city cannot simply put up a handicapped parking spot sign because it wouldn't be ADA compliant, and they would have liabilities. In order for the parking space to be ADA compliant there would also need to be a curb to allow wheelchairs to get onto the sidewalk.

As of Friday night, the petition had more than 500 signatures. (LINK) The business owners said they will be speaking at the city council next month.


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