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ST. PETERS, MO (KTVI) – Red light cameras are out in St. Charles County and that’s good news for some.

Voters in St. Charles County overwhelmingly rejected red light cameras Tuesday night, with a 73-percent vote to ban the cameras.

There is speculation that the county is trying to tell the cities what to do.

St. Peters is the only city that has red light cameras in St. Charles County, but it states on the city’s website that they suspended use September 1st, until the state Supreme Court rules on the future of red light cameras state wide.

Mike Carter was a red light camera judge for the city of Wentzville, when he became upset at the number of cases that came through his court.

He witnessed prosecutors letting parents sign off on transferring tickets to their kids, so he helped write a proposal to the senate to change the use of red light cameras.

We tried talking with the City of St. Peters, but they could not talk because the case is currently in the state Supreme Court and they are weighing their legal options.

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