ST. CHARLES — Police pulled over a car on I-70 for tinted windows. During the conversation, police discovered that the car had a fake license plate. The driver of the white 2014 BMW, William Brown, said he was unaware of the tint law.

Police pulled over Brown on May 29, on westbound and Zumbehl road. He now faces charges for having tinted windows and forgery.

According to the state law, Missouri allows tint on the windows to the right and left of the driver to 35 percent, plus or minus three percent light transmittance. The driver and the passenger side front windows have to be at 35 percent along with the front window.

Police used a tint meter to confirm that Brown’s windows are tinted to 0%. The front windows were also heavily tinted.

A check of the license plate revealed it was not on file with the Department of Revenue. Brown was issued a citation for failing to register on 06/17/2022.

St. Charles Police records stated that during the previous traffic stop, Brown had a Missouri temporary plate on his white BMW. Police seized the vehicle.

Now, Brown has a Missouri temporary plate. After a brief conversation with Brown revealed he purchased the plate from another person.

Brown said he told the person about his car with his vehicle. Brown met the person at a gas station and paid him $100.

Police also discovered that Brown also had warrants out for his arrest. He was then transported to the police station where he was booked and processed.