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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – A special meeting has been called for St. Louis’ alderman regarding a recent proposal for a wage increase. But the possibility has some worried.

The latest effort to raise the minimum wage in St. Louis is stalled but a new debate over the bill introduced by Alderman Shane Cohn is expected later this week. The bill would increase the minimum wage to $11 an hour by 2020.

It passed out of committee but when other aldermen expressed concerns about the cost, Cohn tabled the bill instead of risking its defeat. He believes the bill will stand a better chance of passing after more discussion. We caught up with 21st ward Alderman Antonio French to find out more about the sticking points, and possible passage before the states upcoming deadline.

“Many of us still have concerns about the number and have not really received a lot of information about the economic impact on the city or employers in the city.” “This would also affect the City of St. Louis as an employer if we had a minimum wage for city employees that would increase the salary of many city employees and increase their pensions we have to pay out so we don’t even know the economic impact”.

Alderman French says debate at the special session scheduled by board president Lewis Reed is expected to be vigorous. It’s set for this Tuesday at 10am.