St. Louis ambulance caught in crossfire of gun battle

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ST. LOUIS - A mother is speaking out after a St. Louis Fire Department EMS crew treating her son is forced to dodge bullets. Nearly 30 shots were fired in north St. Louis Monday night while the crew was treating the 12-year-old boy, “I thought someone was going to get hit, it was so much gunfire it was a rolling gun battle,” said the mother.

A north St. Louis resident says Monday night was a nightmare. She asked us not to show her face fearing for her family’s safety.

The mother says what was supposed to be a routine 911 call to check on her 12-year-old son who suffers from asthma attack turned into much more for the paramedic and EMT crew and the boy.

“They started shooting, they feared for their lives, just as well as we were fearing for our lives. I was in my truck right next to them,” she said.

The crew scrambled for cover, “They were giving him treatment and all of a sudden we hear gunfire erupt like 25 to 30 shots.”

Authorities say the incident all unfolded in an unrelated case in the 5100 block of Maffitt Avenue

around 8 p.m. Monday when two individuals in the immediate area opened fire in what is being described as a rolling gun battle.

“The EMS workers are inside the truck, they are trying to hunker down to get away from it. The shooters turned down Norwood and turned down Maffitt going down the wrong way. My son started hollering like oh my God mom they are shooting, and he was terrified, he's only 12- years- old.”

“They sheltered in place with the patient in the back of the medic unit. It was a very tense situation for them as they were trapped. They could not go anywhere, and they did not know if a bullet was going hit the medic unit or hit them or the patient,” said Captain Leon Whitener.

The ambulance has cameras on it. The fire department is reviewing the video hoping the shootout was recorded. Meanwhile, the boy's mother and authorities say they feared for their lives.

The St. Louis City police department is still trying to gather specifics on the case

There were no injuries reported.


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