St. Louis Arch to play a pivotal role in a new Disney+ show


ST. LOUIS, Mo. – The Percy Jackson series coming to Disney+ will feature a pivotal scene set in St. Louis that is featured in the books but not the movie. Author Rick Riordan is not a fan of the films and he has vowed to put the Gateway Arch back into the TV show. He says he is especially looking forward to that scene.

The Gateway Arch plays an important part in the book series but it was cut from the 2010 Lightning Thief movie. The battle that takes place in St. Louis marks one of the first times that Jackson realizes the full potential of his power. He jumps 630 feet from the top of the Arch into the Mississippi River. His survival and the river’s role help him to discover the next steps in the quest.

Riordan says that they are still scouting locations. They may shoot in St. Louis but they could choose a virtual environment like the way the Mandolorian was filmed. They shot a lot of that show in one room.

Check out this fan’s animation of the scene:

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