ST. LOUIS – New St. Louis City Health Director Dr. Mati Hlatshwayo Davis said when it comes to Monkeypox, she’s focusing on education and is trying to steer the community away from stigmatizing victims of the virus.

She said education is a key component of the battle against the disease. She also said one of the big challenges is making sure there are enough vaccines available.

The CDC offered a bright spot saying there’s a decrease in new cases in some big cities like New York and Los Angeles. But on the other hand, the CDC noted a rise in cases in smaller cities.

There are 13 Monkeypox cases in St. Louis so far and 9 in St. Louis County.

St Louis County’s Co-Director of the Health Department Kate Donaldson said she too is focused on education and making sure everyone has access to the appropriate help and information. She said her priority is working closely with the city to deal with Monkeypox on a regional basis.

Affinia Healthcare is on the ground dealing with Monkeypox. Senior Vice President Dr. Kendra Holmes said there’s a high incidence of Monkeypox in the African American and Hispanic communities but she said there hasn’t been enough outreach to people in those communities.