St. Louis-area restaurants ready for a steady flow of customers


ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. — The discussions in the coming days for many will be focused on family, food, and shopping.

It’s also a time for the service industry to take advantage of the resource holding those conversations who come through their doors, the guests.

“After being cooped up the last year, I think it’s now kind of starting to catch its sail again,” Nick Armstrong said.

A day ahead of Thanksgiving, the Hive in Creve Coeur wasn’t full, but bartender Nick Armstrong said things pick up this time of year.

“You’ll see a lot of familiar faces in here when you come in,” said Armstrong. “It’s probably one of the best-kept secrets out here in West County.”

A recent ruling by a Missouri judge against mandates could mean more business. Armstrong said mask or no mask, all are welcome.

“That’s their choice. You come in here with a mask on, you’ll have just as good a time as if you come in here without one,” Armstrong said.

Mandates or not, family time was at the top of the to-do list for the Topp family who was at Up-Down in the Central West End. They said spending time together is what’s most important.

“Number one is always family and I could say pets,” Vikki Topp said with a laugh.

“My daughter’s a traveling nurse and she’s in town for the week so we’re hanging out at one of our favorite places the night before Thanksgiving.”

Her daughter Breeann said going out the night ahead of the first major holiday of the season was good for them.

“Arcade games are something they really enjoyed when they were my age. They’ve kind of instilled that in me as well, so we’ve come here a couple of times as a family and really enjoyed,” Breeann Topp said.

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