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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)–St. Louis Children’s Hospital is competing in singer Katy Perry’s ‘Want to Hear Your School Roar’ video contest.

“I think Katy Perry is someone that I have found that most of my patients connect with some way. Like her lyrics have meaning to these kids for various reasons,” said St. Louis Children’s Hospital Music Therapist Christy Merrell.

Now you may not know it, but St. Louis Children’s Hospital has a school program.

“I don’t think a lot of people realize that when kids are in the hospital they can go to school as well. We have accredited teachers,” Christy stated. “The contest was about show us your roar your best team school spirit. And even though we’re not a conventional school, I’ve seen more spirit and roaring out of these lil people than I ever did in my high school.”

All the kids were excited to be apart of the video, especially quiet 16-year-old Galen.

“When I approached him about this I was really shocked at his response. He’s like yea! And I’m like you know you have talk and you have to sing stuff, lip-synching but. And he’s like yea, yea. And I was like ok, alright. And away we go,” said Christy.

“There were a few times where we were queuing him to smile because that’s just his personality,” said Special Education Teacher Sarah Patton.

Before making the video, Galen received test results they did not expect. Science had run out of options for treating his leukemia.

“When I went in to talk to Galen, he was obviously tearful, he was crying and he insisted, I’m going to do this video through the tears and everything,” explained Christy.

But Galen pushed through the pain and was able to be apart of the video.

“I can’t even put into words what I was feeling that day for him just to see him smile and be himself without that whole, heavy burden or attachment, that he’s not a kid with cancer,” said Christy.

And the video was completed just in time.

“Galen went home on that Thursday that we finished the shoot. We were able to get it finished by Monday. Galen was able to watch it Monday and he passed away Tuesday at noon,” Christy stated.

This was Galen’s final gift and way for those he loved to remember him and his spirit.

Unfortunately St. Louis Children’s Hospital did not win the contest. Colorado’s Lakewood High School won so Katy Perry performed at their school.