ST. LOUIS — Catholic church members in St. Louis are sharing their opinions on the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade Friday morning.

Archbishop Mitchell T. Rozanski of the Archdiocese of St. Louis released a statement on the matter.

“Here in the Archdiocese of St. Louis, we will continue providing resources for women facing unexpected and difficult pregnancies,” said Rozanski. “Cherishing and protecting women and their children, so that they may both develop their full potential in this world and be happy with God forever in the next.”

President Joe Biden, a longtime Catholic, addressed the nation just before noon.

“They didn’t limit it,” said President Biden. “They simply took it away. That’s never been done to rights so important to so many Americans, but they did it. It’s a sad day for the court and for the country.”

Claudia Hobson who attended midday mass gives her thoughts on the Court decision.

“Well, I am a strong Christian, and I do appreciate the fact that if there is a case of incest or rape how critical and damaging that is to a person,” said Hobson. “But I also think the value of a human life is so important to the Lord that we have to protect that life. Somehow get the help and support for the women going through the decision in the first place. To allow them both to live and to be healthy, and love and cherished.”

“I think it will change the world,” said Valerie Cadoo, who also attended the midday mass. “I think it will probably increase our population in a good way. That was the first thing I thought about when I heard the news. But it’s a hard decision for women, and it’s going to be harder for those who can’t afford to have kids.”