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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO (KTVI) – An accused serial rapist has been identified and charged in St. Louis County.  One victim reported the rape to police, and since then, others have come forward.

The suspect is 24-year-old Lawrence Minor. According to St. Louis County prosecutors, his grandmother was a foster parent.  The rape victims were children placed in her care.

According to the criminal complaint, Minor raped four different girls throughout a five year period.

Timeline of when and how these crimes took place:

In July 2008, Victim 1 reports that Minor held her on a couch by her throat.  She says he sodomized her at least twice, and tried to rape her.

Then, in 2010, Victim 2, who was less than 14 years old, says Minor placed his hand over her mouth, and forcibly raped her.   This young victim says he did the same thing to her in 2011.

A year later, in October 2012, Victim 3 reports that Minor forced her into the basement, grabbed her by the throat, choked her, and forcibly raped her.

Then, sometime between June and September 2013, Victim 4, who was less than 17 years old, says she had sexual intercourse with Minor several times.

In total, Minor faces nine counts of rape-related felony offenses.

According to those familiar with this family, Minor used to live in Dellwood, right across the street from his grandmother.  These sources also say that Lawrence Minor, who sometimes goes by “Fred,” has mental disabilities, and a history of violence. Court records show he’s previously been charged with assault, and resisting arrest.

Minor is still on the loose. Once he is taken into custody, he’ll be held on a $150,000 cash-only bond.

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