ST. LOUIS – A jury convicted a St. Louis County man Thursday on criminal charges for fatally beating and stabbing a 94-year-old woman in his care.

Tommie Coffer Jr., 58, is convicted of first-degree murder and armed criminal action in the investigation, which dates back to Dec. 18, 2017.

Investigators say Coffer was providing night-shift elderly care for Geneva Richardson at her home in Florissant on the night she was killed. Investigators say Coffer had written $7,000 in her personal checks to himself earlier in December 2017. Prosecutors argued that Richardson discovered his deceit and confronted him, which triggered an attack.

According to Uber records cited in court, Coffer was dropped off late on the night of the murder at an intersection in Ferguson, then walked to Richardson’s home. Police later discovered evidence from the crime scene discarded at two locations near his dropoff point. Police recovered several bags from the location, in addition to a blood-soaked pillow case with the victim’s blood.

Coffer Jr. has a sentencing hearing scheduled for June 24, according to Missouri court records.