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St. Louis County Police Lieutenant Norman Campbell
St. Louis County Police Lieutenant Norman Campbell

CLAYTON, MO (KTVI)- A St. Louis County Police lieutenant is charged with stealing thousands of dollars from the department. On Monday, the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office charged Norman Campbell, 44, of Florissant, with one count of Felony Stealing.

Lt. Campbell has been suspended without pay from the St. Louis County Police Department. He is a 20 year veteran of the force and had been Commander of the city of Dellwood detail since July 2013.

Starting in January 2014, Campbell started working a second job working security for Dirt Cheap. During a separate internal investigation involving Campbell, St. Louis County Police discovered he was double dipping. Police say he was working security for Dirt Cheap while also performing official duties for the department. This happened on 47 separate occasions.

He’s accused of stealing $5,899.78.

County Police are releasing no details on the separate internal investigation that led to the discovery of the theft.