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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – A St. Louis firefighter was struck by an SUV while on the scene of a wreck Friday night on northbound Interstate 55 and Loughborough.

A small amount of frozen precipitation turned roads into ice rinks. As one of their safety measures, fire crews parked a pumper truck at an angle on the highway to protect firefighters as they worked with victims of the wreck.

Apparently, an SUV tried to pull around the scene just as the driver of the pumper truck was getting out. The driver was not protected and was hit by the SUV.

“The firefighter was knocked into a lane of traffic that was not protected,” said Fire Captain Garon Mosby. “Other members on the scene heard the impact because he also struck the fire truck and pulled that firefighter out of the traffic lane and immediately called for more resources.”

He said the firefighter was in serious but stable condition and is expected to survive. Firefighters have been very busy responding to calls.

“I ran the number. This kind of kicked off around 4 o’clock. we’ll go four to 8. A four-hour span, we responded to over 50 motor vehicle accidents and 40 falls,” Mosby said.

Firefighters were so busy they used an Abbot ambulance, not one of their own, to transport their own injured crew member.