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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)– Matt Sebek has come up with an app for your phone to take you back to your youth.

“The adults that don’t have stats now you can put business information, email, and twitter feed.  You even have a place to put a little fun fact about yourself,” says Rookies CEO Matt Sebek.

“You can ride a unicycle?” asks Patrick Clark.

“Absolutely,” nods Sebek.

Besides riding a unicycle, Sebek has created a tiny time machine you can hold in your hand.

It`s a baseball card for the 21st century.

“You can create it on the iPhone app,” says Sepek.  “They can share it on Facebook or Twitter then they actually get a pack of premium recycled cards wrapped in a wax pack just like they were in the 80’s.  They can get those printed out.”

That’s right, the wax pack is back.

It’s everything from your childhood. Well, everything but the gum.

“The FDA has a little bit different guidelines these days about open food in the manufacturing process,” says Sepek.  “We couldn’t do the gum but it’s the first question everybody asks.”

St. Louisan Sebek looked long and far before finding Fenton based Garlich printing to do a run of his Rookies baseball cards.

“He says, ‘Hey these had bubble gum in them.  We want a wax wrapper,” says Garlich Printing account executive Mike Hayes.  “That was not quite as easy as a task to produce.  It’s an older technology used in the food industry, and it’s used for big long manufacturing runs.”

The process is easy.
Simply load your favorite photo, some fun facts and then it gets sent where for $12.99 they’ll print and package your 20 personalized cards.

“Everything is moving from the tangible world to the digital world,” says Sebek.  “Where this is the opposite of that.  We’re using a digital technology to go back to something tangible.”

Call it a nostalgic nod to childhood…that you can trade with your friends and family.